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ragazzoni Plot: H-13E-83
Name: Date of Birth
Date of Death
Ragazzoni, Cassimir H.
  June 22, 1887
compass Direction Monument Faces: Materials:
3 Gray granite, white marble
Faces Inscribed:
Plot Type: Single Males: 1
Condition: Fair Females  
Style of Monument/Gravesite:
Pillar top with urn and veil.
Site Remarks:
Stonemason: G Rudge
2nd Block S face

Sacred to the Memory of
JUNE 22, 1887
28 Yrs 10, Mos
A native of
San Francisco

1st Block

Remember thee and all thy pains
And all thy love to me
Yea while a breath a pulse remains
Will I remember thee

Description and Condition:
Large white marble monument (east height 2.5 - 3.0 m) with urn and veil at the top. Monument is mounted on grey granite base (67 cm x 68 cm x 37 cm high). 1st block is white marble (54 cm sq, 21 cm height). Inscription is on eastern face and is worn but still readable. 2nd block is 41 cm sq and 51 cm in height. Inscription is on eastern face, letters are deep and slightly worn. Pillar is rectangular bottom is 26 cm sq angling up to top. About 2/3 way up is motif eye on pyramid on 7 point star circling eye is 7 link chain. On top of pillar is urn draped with veil. Monument is moderately covered with black mold, but has no chips or cracks visible.

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