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  Grave Inventory Sheet

Stapledon Plot: H-15E-75
Name: Date of Birth
Date of Death
Stapledon, Robert Andrew
Stapledon, Bartholemew
Stapledon, Jane
Rudge, Ernest R.
  April 27, 1890
Feb 23, 1914
July 15, 1921
Direction Monument Faces: Materials:
7 Gray granite, marble
Faces Inscribed:
Plot Type: Double Males: 3
Condition: Good Females 1
Style of Monument/Gravesite:
Double-sized ledger with scroll monument.
Site Remarks:
Some black mold; inscription worn
Scroll section

In Memory of
Who departed this life
April 27, 1890
at the Age of
14 years and 27 days

1st Marble Block

Safe in the arms of Jesus

Description and Condition:
Double sized ground ledger (306.5 cm W x 245.5 cm length) raised 24 cm off ground. Curbing is grey granite (border 16 cm). At western curbing incised in top center is 'STAPLEDON'. Once had applied lead lettering in letters but all lead is gone. Ledger top is tiled with a white and black marble each tile is 6 sided, 2 tiles missing SE side. At eastern end mounted on a grey granite base (61 x 45 x 24 cm height). White marble monument is on flat white marble block (55 W x 35 x 5.5 cm height). At the SE corner of block is incised 'G Burry' which is very faint and worn. Scroll monument and motif of ivy leaves and flowers in relief. Lettering and relief ivy very worn some very faint. No cracks or chips visible.

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