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Tyler Plot: H-20E-93 + 94
Name: Date of Birth
Date of Death
Tyler, Isabell (93)
Tyler, William (94)
  June 16, 1884
Jan 28, 1908
Direction Monument Faces: Materials:
7 Gray granite, white marble, cement
Faces Inscribed:
Plot Type: Double Males: 1
Condition: Good Females 1
Style of Monument/Gravesite:
Double-sized ground ledger with white marble tablet headstone
Site Remarks:
Some black mold and lichen on headstone
Headstone Western Face

In Memory of
Wife of W. Tyler
June 16 1894
Aged 64 Years

Native of Glasgow Scotland
Died Jan 28 1908
Aged 712 Years
Native of Gramham Linconshire

Description and Condition:
Double-sized ground ledger (305.5 cm W x 244 cm L) raised 19 cm off ground. Curbing is grey granite (15 cm border). Along the vertical face of western curbing is 'TYLER' incised, letters are deep and show no signs of wear. Ledger top is cement and it is level to the outside curbing top level. There is no warping or damage to curbing or ledger top. At the eastern end of ledger is a white marble simple-tablet headstone mounted on a grey granite base (68W x 25.5 x 20.5 cm high). Headstone (46 cm W x 106.5 cm high x 5.5 cm thick) has a weeping willow motif in relief on W face near top of stone. Inscription is incised, letters are worn but still visible. Bottom right corner has 'A Stewart' the stonemason's initials. Stone has no cracks, pieces missing and appears very level and straight. There is a covering of black mold and lichen.

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