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Walter Plot: H-13E-81
Name: Date of Birth
Date of Death
Walter, Henry Nov 29, 1843 Oct 27, 1886
Direction Monument Faces: Materials:
3 Gray granite, white marble, cement, wrought-iron fence
Faces Inscribed:
Plot Type: Single Males: 1
Condition: Fair Females  
Style of Monument/Gravesite:
Ledger stone with pedestal monument with urn.
Site Remarks:
Black mold, cracks and stone sinking
A. O. U. W.
A Native of
Elsas, Germany.
Born Nov. 29th, 1843
Died Oct. 27th, 1886
'Sein heben war ein
Ein Friihlingstraum
Sein Erdengliick.'
Description and Condition:
Single ledger stone (121 cm x 241.5 cm length) raised 17 cm off ground. Stone top has wrought-iron fence around top (37 cm height) and a white marble monument at western end.
Stone ledger is of 2 pieces of grey granite and is rust coloured in spots from the fence. Southern side of stone has sunk making monument angle 2-3 degrees towards the south. Fence is rusted and has stylized arrows as motif. No other damage is evident.
Monument is mounted on grey granite base (71 cm x 71 cm and 36 cm height). 1st block is white marble (55.5 cm x 55.5 cm x 32 cm height). Eastern side has inscription 'Walter' very deep. On southern side bottom right corner is 'J. E. Phillips' initials. All top corners (except NE) have been chipped. 2nd block (40 cm sq) angles up to top (35 cm sq) height 76 cm. Inscription on eastern face only. Lettering is worn but still readable. There are design motifs bottom and top corners. There are numerous small cracks in block, large crack at sw corner (12 - 15 cm). Quite thick covering of black mold. Entire monument 2.5 - 3 m high.

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